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The brutal murder of a 14-year-old girl in Skopje has rocked the Republic of North Macedonia. The child's body was found with his hands and feet tied in a sack.

It was kidnapped more than a week ago. The initial information on the case was that he was kidnapped when he left home to go to school, and the father gave information to the kidnappers. The purpose of the kidnapping was extortion of money from the mother with whom the father was divorced.

Investigators in RSM say the kidnappers panicked and decided to kill the girl because the case quickly broke out and the search began.

The child was shot and his body buried. Skopje claims that the killer fled by passing through Serbia and managed to enter Bulgaria. The Bulgarian authorities have indicated that they have no information that such a person is hiding in Bulgaria.

Skopje shaken by kidnapping and death of 14-year-old girl wanted for days

"We are all shocked by what happened. From this tragedy. The killer is said to have crossed the border from Macedonia to Serbia.

He was in Belgrade with a lawyer friend. Then, according to unconfirmed information, he went to Bulgaria. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sofia said that there is no such person on the territory of the country." This was stated on the air of Nova TV Macedonian journalist Vladimir Perev.

According to him, the wanted Ljupco Palevski-Palcho was the perpetrator of two murders within a few days.

Interior Ministry: There is no evidence that there is a man in Bulgaria linked to the murder of a 14-year-old girl in RSM

"He didn't just kill the girl. Two days earlier, he had taken the life of an acquaintance to steal the car he had used to kidnap the child. The murdered man was a man from Veles, who owed 500 euros to Palevski, "the journalist explained.

Palevski was known for his criminal past in RSM.

In an interview with Thelma TV, Palevski's lawyer said he drove him to Belgrade because Palevski did not have a car and returned back, and Palevski told him that he was going for a check-up and "if everything is fine, he will go back, and if he is not, he will go to Istanbul."

Due to numerous media issues, the Interior Ministry in North Macedonia sent a message saying that in 2019 a criminal case was raised against Palevski for illegal wiretapping and sound recording, as well as for humiliation of police officers.

In 2020, an alert was filed for illegal possession of weapons or explosives and non-compliance with health regulations during an epidemic, in 2005 - for abuse of office and power and forgery of documents, in 2002 - for false reporting of a crime, and in 2000 - for tax evasion.

Palevski is the leader of the Desna party and the organizer of the protests in front of the Bulgarian Embassy in the summer of 2022, after the agreed negotiating framework was announced.

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski and the other suspects in the kidnapping and murder of the 14-year-old girl are members of the same anti-NATO and EU party.

Palevski is a controversial businessman and one of the founders of the urban mafia, and his name first became popular when the urban plans of the Skopje neighborhood of Debar Mahalo, from where the girl was kidnapped, changed and from small family houses in the heart of Skopje began to sprout, and the building in front of which the girl was kidnapped was built by Palevski. It says the 360-degree edition.

Meanwhile, the father of 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska, who was told at the press conference that he had told Palevski when the girl only left her home, was brought to the court in Skopje during the preliminary proceedings.

Prosecutors are seeking his detention, as well as for the other three detainees, media in North Macedonia reported.

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