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More than 300 flights have been affected by the reclosure of Munich airport due to icing, which further aggravates the position of passengers. All three flights from Munich to Sofia have been canceled today, according to a check on the website of Sofia Airport.

Munich Airport was again closed to flights after overnight ice rain caused icing of all runways. It remained closed until 12 p.m. today for security reasons.

Munich Airport suspends all flights due to icing on runways

At least 150 take-offs and 160 landings were affected. Runways were thawed in the first half of the day, with air traffic scheduled to resume from noon, Munich Airport said. However, it can be assumed that the majority of flights will have to be cancelled for the rest of the day for security reasons.

This means restrictions for passengers who want to depart or land in Munich today, BNR reported.

It also affected the estimated 1500,<> passengers who were stranded at the airport over the weekend due to heavy snowfall, with some waiting at terminals for days.

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