Permits to check documents right on the street, door-to-door visits and lack of demobilization. In Ukraine, the issue of mobilization is becoming more and more acute: on the one hand, there are guys who have been without rest for almost two years, on the other hand, there is a shortage of personnel.

But the Verkhovna Rada promises to rectify the situation and has already prepared a number of innovations. MPs are already developing draft laws that should stabilize the situation with mobilization. What is known so far is in Victoria Hnatiuk's exclusive for TSN. UA.

Rallies of military wives

Women in various regions have even gone to rallies. The wives of soldiers who had gone to the front since the beginning of the full-scale war and had not yet been at home began to boycott and ask logical questions to the authorities: when will demobilization finally take place?

Where and how was mobilization intensified?

And while in some cities these issues were raised, in others, on the contrary, mobilization was strengthened. Zakarpattia, Lviv and Zaporizhia regions allowed representatives of the TCC to check the documents of those obliged right on the street, although previously only police officers could do this. Moreover, a few days after this decision, Zaporizhia adopted the next, no less high-profile one: military commissars, municipalities and police officers were united into 21 groups to make door-to-door visits to conscripts.

Scandals with the CCC

Although the day before, the network was seething with scandalous videos of men wringing hands in different parts of Ukraine. Eyewitnesses claimed that the footage showed representatives of the TCC stealing men right in the middle of the streets.

Epicenter of scandals

By the way, for some reason, the epicenter of such scandals was the Lviv region. Such videos popped up there almost every day.

Lack of specialists in the army

Such videos, of course, are terrifying, but the question of lack of personnel does not go away. An acute shortage of people is called one of the main reasons why the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not yet been able to turn the tide of the war.

Recruiting companies will facilitate mobilization

The Armed Forces need people of completely different professions, including civilians. That is, this does not mean that if a person gets into the army, he becomes a stormtrooper. Another axiom that is high time to realize. To establish this process, Ukraine wants to involve recruiting companies in mobilization, which means that men will be able to choose who they want to be, and the state must guarantee that they will get this position. Here is a simple example: you need a locksmith or repairman to fix the same equipment, so they will recruit people with the appropriate skills. Oleksii Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, also explained how this will happen in an interview with The Guardian: "Mobilization will become more flexible, the specialties that are needed will be announced, and people will apply for a specific position. For example, they need welders or locksmiths and so on."

What's in it for Ukrainians?

By the way, more than two thousand men have already been recruited to the ranks of the Armed Forces in this way. The specialists who are engaged in this say that this is a real opportunity to find professionals who will be useful to the army not only on the front line, but not just mobilized for the sake of "ticking" in order to close the staff.

President Volodymyr Zelensky also said that there will be comprehensive changes in approaches to mobilization.

What changes are already known?

Therefore, the Verkhovna Rada already has a parliamentary working group, which includes representatives of all factions and groups that are developing changes in Ukrainian legislation. At the same time, the deputies consult with the highest military leadership. On the air of the United News telethon, Mykhailo Tsymbaliuk, First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Social Policy and Protection of Veterans' Rights, announced some of the innovations. Therefore, they plan to finally give paid leave for 90 days for the guys who returned from captivity, to establish the right to discharge from military service for stateless persons or foreigners and persons with disabilities of the first and second groups. It is also planned to introduce the right to discharge from military service or demobilization of female cadets who terminated their contracts early. The draft law also provides for the regulation of the right to defer mobilization of teachers, university professors and students.

And in a comment to Ukrainian Radio, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov said that conscripts whose term of service had expired would also be demobilized in the near future.

"As for the mobilization of people who served in the military, the president asked and the military agreed that these people would be demobilized in the near future. This process will take place and we understand how many of them there are," Danilov said.

Changes in the conscription age

And the day before, the head of the Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Davyd Arakhamia, said that the changes would also affect the conscription age. After all, now they can be mobilized into the army from 27 to 60 years old, and up to 27, boys and girls can go to the front only of their own free will.

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It will be recalled that the Ministry of Defense continues the project of recruiting for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: an agreement has been signed with