The Israeli Army (IDF) is considering the idea of flooding the tunnels of the terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip with sea water.

The Wall Street Journal writes about it.

It is noted that the IDF has already installed the appropriate equipment. We are talking about five large water pumps near al-Shati, a refugee camp in Gaza City. Thanks to the pumps, the Israeli army can pump thousands of cubic meters of water in Hamas tunnels in an hour and flood them in a few weeks.

Despite the fact that a decision on this has not yet been made, Israel has already warned US officials about the intentions. The reaction of the latter was mixed. Some of the officials have raised concerns about potential damage to the enclave's aquifer and soil.

"We're not sure how successful the pumping will be because no one knows the details about the tunnels and the ground around them. It is impossible to know if it will be effective, because we do not know how the seawater will drain in tunnels that no one has been to before," the report said.

As it became known, the militants of the terrorist group Hamas, during the attack on Israel on October 7, fired a rocket that hit a military base where nuclear weapons are probably stored.

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