Members of the crew of the Houthi cargo ship Galaxy Leader, hijacked last month in the Red Sea by Yemeni rebels, including two Bulgarians, have been allowed "limited contact" with their families, the vessel's owner company said.

The captain of the ship and the first assistant captain of the ship are Bulgarians. The 25-member crew also includes sailors from Ukraine, the Philippines, Mexico and Romania.

"The safety and well-being of crew members remain an important priority for both owners and managers (of our company), and the limited contact that crew members are allowed with their families suggests that seafarers are treated as well as can be expected in these circumstances," the Isle of Man said in a statement. which is a British possession, owner Galaxy Maritime.

Attempts to free the two Bulgarian sailors continue

Otherwise, the car ship sails under the flag of the Bahamas and is hired by the Japanese company Nippon Yusen.

"The detained 25 crew members have no connection with the current situation in the region," the company that owns the hijacked ship said. She noted that "nothing can be achieved with their further detention."

The Houthis have carried out several attacks on ships in the Red Sea since the outbreak of the conflict between Israel and Hamas nearly two months ago in support of the Palestinian Islamist movement that attacked the Jewish state on Oct. 7. Yemen's Iranian-backed rebels have made a number of demands related to the war in the Gaza Strip as a condition to liberate Galaxy Lead.

Yesterday, the United States, Japan and the Bahamas called at a meeting of the International Maritime Organization for the unconditional release of the ship with two Bulgarians in the crew.

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