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The change of the director of "Pirogov" Valentin Dimitrov has not yet been entered in the Commercial Register, a check of BNT showed.

A check in the register, however, shows that the decision of the Minister of Health Hristo Hinkov. Hristo Hinkov was born on March 25, 1953 in Sofia. On June 6, 2023, he was elected Minister to replace the Director of UMHATEM "Pirogov" was taken last Monday - on October 27.

With another decision, Hinkov appointed the maxillofacial surgeon Konstantin Dimov to replace Dimitrov. By an act of the Board of Directors of the medical institution, Dimov was appointed Executive Director of the emergency hospital.

Dr. Petko Stefanovski was appointed Deputy Minister of Health

A day after the decision to change the head of the hospital for emergency medicine - on November 28, Hinkov announced to journalists that an audit carried out by the unit in the ministry had shown financial violations in Pirogov. At the time, the minister said he was awaiting prosecutorial probes. Asked if he would change the leadership of Pirogov, Hinkov replied: "It seems, no!".

The minister described the condition of the hospital as "deplorable" and commented that Pirogov was in poor financial condition.

At that time, the press center of the Ministry of Health did not provide BNT with information about the condition of the hospital. In a written response, they explained:

"In UMHATEM "N. I. Pirogov" was carried out an inspection both by the Executive Agency "Medical Supervision" and by the Internal Audit Unit at the Ministry of Health. The Internal Audit Report of 134 pp. was made available to the Minister of Health. It found violations related to the Public Procurement Act. As a result, the Prosecutor's Office, the National Audit Office and the Public Financial Inspection Agency were approached. Upon completion of the inspections by the competent authorities, a decision on follow-up action will be taken."

Again on November 28, it became clear that on November 27, when his release was scheduled, the head of "Pirogov" sent a signal to the President of the National Assembly.

Valentin Dimitrov complains that former Pirogov employees, who now hold managerial positions at the Ministry of Health, are putting pressure on him and the hospital.

Kostadin Angelov was born on June 7, 1977. He graduated from the Medical University in Sofia in 2004 suspected political appetites for the hospital. He asked an independent body to confirm the findings of the audit because the unit is subordinate to the health minister and it is possible that the pressure complained of by the head of Pirogov was also exerted on the unit.

And in an official position, Pirogov explained that the hospital's debts have been melted down and it is even profitable. They did not comment on the results of the audit because they were not officially aware of them.

The head of "Pirogov" is released, the new one will be Dr. Konstantin Dimov

Today, Pirogov announced that it has not yet officially received the decision to dismiss the Executive Director and Valentin Dimitrov is fulfilling his duties.

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