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  • On October 7, Hamas fired 5000,<> rockets at Israel.
  • The ceasefire was brokered by Qatar on 24 November
  • Israel-Gaza war issue raised at UN special session
Tel Aviv/Gaza/New Delhi:

The 6-day ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian organization Hamas (Israel-Hamas Ceasefire) ended. Earlier, there was talk of extending the ceasefire, but Israel said that Hamas refused to accept the conditions, due to which the ceasefire agreement was broken. Regarding the breakdown of the agreement, Hamas said that if it had no hostage, then whom would it release. Therefore, the agreement could not be taken forward. On the final day of the deal, Hamas released two female hostages. Now a different claim is being made by the US.

The US State Department has said that the week-long ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas was broken because Hamas refused to release female hostages. According to the US State Department, Hamas did not want these women to tell the world about sexual violence against them.

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State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said the US had no reason to doubt reports that Hamas sexually assaulted and raped female hostages. Hamas has denied the accusations, calling them false.

Did Hamas fighters rape Israeli women?
Hamas launched more than 7,5000 rocket attacks in southern Israel within a few minutes on October 1200. During this time Hamas fighters entered Israel. They killed more than 240 people by firing indiscriminately. At the same time, about <> people were kidnapped by entering the homes of Israeli people.

Recent reports claimed that Israeli women were sexually abused by Hamas fighters during the attack. Israeli police officers investigating the October 7 attack have found such evidence. This evidence points to sexual violence against men as well as women.

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Israeli police have collected thousands of statements, photos and video clips as evidence. The police have also claimed to have found many such evidences, which point to the brutal murder of women after raping them. The police had found many such things from the corpses, which pointed to rape. Several eyewitnesses have also confirmed the rape during the attack in statements recorded before the police.

The matter
raised in the special session of the United Nations (UN) held a special session on Monday. It raised the issue of sexual crimes against Israeli women after the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan said- "On October 7, Israel witnessed the biggest genocide since World War II. Many of the atrocities committed on the Israeli people were worse than the atrocities committed by ISIS and Hitler. Hamas burned families alive. They killed their children in front of their parents."

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Israel's ambassador
to the UN, Gilad Erdan, said at the UN, "Hamas used rape and sexual violence as weapons. Surprisingly, international institutions remained silent on these excesses. I have been representing Israel at the UN for three and a half years, but I have never seen such behavior by the UN agencies," he said, according to the AFP news agency.

Hamas abducted a tattoo artist after an attack on an Israeli kibbutz on October
7. Crossing all limits of cruelty with him, Hamas fighters killed him and paraded the corpse in Gaza.

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During that time, a video of a woman went viral, in which Hamas terrorists were stripping the woman and loading her into a pickup vehicle and spitting on her body. The terrorist who treated the woman cruelly has been killed by the Israeli army.

Hamas denies
Israel's allegations, however, strongly refute allegations of raping Israeli women. In a statement issued by Hamas, it has been said that this is a lie spread by the Jews so that they can discredit the Palestinian movement.

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