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Germany believes that thesituation at the front represents a victory for Ukraine, despite the modest results of the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces in 2023.

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Kiev can be proud of the recapture of Kherson, Kharkov Oblast and the northern regions by Russian forces, said Julian Repke, an analyst with the German newspaper Bild.

Two weeks ago, Repke visited Kiev with German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. After that visit, he said the U.S. and Germany wanted to persuade Ukraine to start talks with Russia.

Now Repke, in an interview with Bild's deputy editor-in-chief, Paul Ronzheimer, said Berlin believes the current state of affairs at the front is a victory for Ukraine.

"I was surprised that they said that the current situation is actually a success for Ukraine. That this is a kind of victory. That this is a situation that can serve as a basis for negotiations and the future of the country. It is no longer necessary to reach the Sea of Azov, to retake Donetsk and Crimea," says Repke.

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He noted that compared to March 2022, many more territories were conquered at that time. Now the Ukrainian Defense Forces managed to liberate Kherson, carry out a counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region, and also expel the Russians from the northern regions.

"And we can talk about it being a kind of win and status quo that we can consider a success. And we have to do everything we can to make them look at it the same way we do," the analyst said.

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