Zhou Ting, the former deputy secretary-general of Demosisto, left Hong Kong to study in Canada, announced that he would abandon bail and would not return to Hong Kong to report to the police on the national security case, revealing that he had been asked by the national security department of the police to return to Shenzhen for a day before receiving a passport. Secretary for Security Tang Ping-keung today (5th) condemned Chow Ting, saying that the police hope to deal with the incident leniently, but unfortunately Chow Ting's betrayal of integrity, creating a halo, and his behavior may also affect people who sincerely repent, did not respond positively to whether he had asked Chow Ting to return to the mainland.

Zhou Ting went to Canada to study and gave up bail, saying that he was required to visit Shenzhen before his passport was returned

Zhou announced on Instagram the night before (3rd) that she had left Hong Kong in September to study in Canada, and was originally scheduled to report to the police on the national security case this month, but she decided to abandon bail and not return to Hong Kong. She also said that when she applied to the National Security Department of the Police to live in Canada to study, the other party countered that if she wanted to get her passport back and leave the country, she would first go back to Shenzhen with the officers of the National Security Department for a one-day visit, during which she would visit the exhibition of reform and opening up to learn about the development of the Mainland and the Communist Party, and also go to Tencent's headquarters to learn about the development of science and technology, and the day before leaving Hong Kong, she would be issued with her passport.

Li Jiachao reprimanded leniency, in exchange for deception, deception, sympathy, refusal to talk, and demand to return to the mainland

Before attending the Executive Council today (5th), Chief Executive John Lee was asked whether the police's accusation that Zhou Ting asked him to return to the mainland was true, and he said that he would not comment on the details of the case, and whether the relevant information would be used as evidence to leave it to the law enforcement department, saying that the police tried to be lenient but in exchange for deception. As for whether the bail conditions for other arrested persons will be tightened, Mr Lee said that the Force would sum up its experience and effectively safeguard national security. Lee Ka-chao reprimanded the fugitives for trying to create a halo for themselves, and the shameful behavior, the police tried to be lenient but in exchange for deception, and the most disappointed were the deceived personnel, the police force will sum up its experience to effectively safeguard national security and combat the threat of external forces to Hong Kong.

Deng Bingqiang condemned Zhou Ting for betraying his integrity and avoided talking about whether he had asked to return to the mainland

The Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung, attended a meeting of the Panel on Security at the Legislative Council in the afternoon to discuss the amendment of the Fire Safety (Buildings) Ordinance to enhance the fire safety of old buildings.

Deng Bingqiang pointed out that the police hoped for leniency in the Zhou Ting incident, but unfortunately she once again betrayed her integrity, tried to exculpate and create a halo, and condemned it. In addition, the behavior may affect the sincere repentant people, and they were reprimanded again, and did not respond positively to whether they had asked Zhou Ting to return to the mainland.

Zhou Ting waived bail|Li Jiachao reprimanded leniency in exchange for deception, deceived sympathy, refused to talk about asking to return to the mainland, Zhou Ting gave up bail and absconded|Zhang Xinyu did not name him: betraying his promise to deceive Gou An is already disdainful Zhou Ting abandoned bail and absconded|The Hong Kong government said that it was pursued in accordance with the law and persuaded to turn back Otherwise, it would be regretted that Zhou Ting abandoned bail|Li Jiachao reprimanded the shameful act of treachery and refused to talk about whether Zhou Ting was required to return to the mainland