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A 2th grader from "Konstantin Petkanov" Secondary School in Burgas has been subjected to physical and mental harassment by her classmates for two years now.

The latest incident occurred yesterday when, according to the parents, the group of girls who harassed their daughter entered philosophy class and began to exert aggression towards the victim. A report had to be sent to the police.

Messages were also sent to the girl with threats.

The girl's mother, Sonya Popova, told in the show "Hello Bulgaria" on NOVA that her daughter has been repeatedly subjected to mental and physical abuse, as well as threats to her family by her classmates. Outside the school, the girl was lying in wait and subjected to physical violence. The mental torso was done at the school.

Milyana Popova said she did not know what the reason for the aggression was. "I've tried to talk to the girls, but there is no solution," she said.

The mother, Sonya Popova, said the girl was waited outside her home on Friday.

The school's director, Ivaylo Markov, said he had met the conflict on Friday afternoon. Then the parents informed the deputy director, and he in turn informed the director.

"We took action immediately. We have issued an order to create a team for general support for personal development," Markov said. He specified that the parents of the girls were not notified of the case, as on Friday, when the alert was filed, no exact and specific number of students were indicated.

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"On Monday, information was already received," the director said. Ivaylo Markov specified that the parents of the girls against who are the accusations will be notified, but the initial management had to get acquainted with the overall situation. According to him, the information is presented in one way and there are other data. "It is also a property dispute that was before, besides, we are not a party to the conflict. Our goal is to solve it in the best possible way," Markov said.

The school's psychologist said he had no information about the conflict until Friday.

The girl's mother specified that she had reported similar initiatives two years ago, and last year he worked with Milyana a psychologist for 6 months.

A case has been filed. The girls against whom the alert was made also filed a report against Milyana. Police are working to clarify the facts.

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