5 kg pressure cooker bomb found in Bastar

Chhattisgarh Pressure Cooker Bomb: The results of the recent assembly elections in Chhattisgarh have come. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is preparing to form the government in the state. Meanwhile, the security forces have foiled the dreadful plot of Naxalites in Kanker in Bastar district. It is reported that the soldiers have recovered a 5 kg Pressure Cooker Bomb which was planted to target the security forces.

The Maoists planted this bomb between Gumjhir and Pusghati. From the weight of the bomb, it can be estimated that the Naxalites were in the process of carrying out a major incident. The soldiers found this bomb when they were out on search, which was destroyed on the spot. Superintendent of Police Divyang Patel has confirmed this.

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A dreaded new-age weapon

Often in blasts and attacks, we hear the name of 'cooker bomb', which is a very dangerous weapon of the new age, which is being used not only by Naxalites but also by terrorists from all over the world. Cooker bomb blasts cause massive casualties and heavy losses. We have seen how dangerous the pressure cooker bomb can be in the 2006 Mumbai train blast.

What is a pressure cooker bomb?

Pressure cooker bomb is very dangerous, which has been used in many blasts.

It is an IED i.e. Improvised Explosive Device that is made by filling explosives in the cooker and putting a blasting cap on the lid.

In the last two decades, the use of cooker bombs has increased significantly worldwide.

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Has been used in many attacks

Be it the 2006 Mumbai train blasts or the 2010 attempted bombings in Stockholm and Times Square, from the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings to the 2017 Manchester Arena bombings, cooker bombs have been used in many attacks. In Chhattisgarh too, cooker bombs are often used in Naxal attacks.

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