Of the 649 participants registered with the Municipal Election Commissions and 67 participants registered with the Central Election Commission – parties, coalitions, initiative committees and local coalitions, 460 participants have so far submitted their reports to the National Audit Office.

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By 8 December 2023 (30 working days after election day), participants in the 29 October elections must submit their accounts of revenue, expenditure and payment commitments in connection with the election campaign to the Court of Auditors. (according to Art. 172, para. 1 of the Electoral Code). Where a run-off has taken place, the deadline for submission is 15 December 2023.

The report must be sent by the representative of the party, coalition or initiative committee in paper and electronic form, accompanied by a bank account statement. The origin declarations of the donated funds when they amount to more than one minimum wage, as well as the declarations on the origin of the funds provided by an applicant or a member of an initiative committee when the funds exceed one minimum wage, shall be attached to the accounts.

CEM alerted CEC for 33 possible violations during the election campaign

The report shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with a form approved by the Court of Auditors. The approved model reports are published in the Unified Register under the Electoral Code (ERIC).

Instructions on the content of the reports can be found on the website of the National Audit Office in the section "Control - elections" - "Reporting on the election campaign".

To avoid inaccuracies and incompleteness in the accounts, election participants may also use guidance in the Court of Auditors' information brochure: https://www.bulnao.government.bg/media/documents/Broshura_2_local_2023_v2.pdf

A video recording of the Court of Auditors' online training to assist participants in the preparation and submission of reports can also be found at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp4Vz-1wOg8&t=42s

In case of violation of the requirement to present a statement of income, expenses and payment commitments in connection with the election campaign, the person representing the party or the initiative committee or the persons representing the coalition shall be fined BGN 2000,10 to BGN 000,15. The Court of Auditors will publish the accounts on its website within <> days of the expiry of the deadline for their submission.

When the declared revenues and the expenditures incurred in connection with the election campaign are over BGN 1000,6, the National Audit Office shall carry out a compliance audit within <> months from the expiry of the deadline for the submission of the accounts.

Media service providers, sociological and advertising agencies, as well as public relations agencies, must also submit information to the Court of Auditors within 30 working days of the election day. The information is in paper and electronic form and is about the services provided to the parties, coalitions and initiative committees. (according to Art. 172, para. 2 of the Electoral Code).

The information shall be provided in a form published on the website of the National Audit Office in the section "Control - elections" - "Reporting on the election campaign" - "For service providers".

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