Bad weather covered the west of Ukraine: due to wind and snow, some settlements were left without electricity. Drivers complain about slippery roads, and pedestrians are barely holding on to sidewalks that have turned into ice rinks.

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent Anna Makhno.

Almost four hundred settlements of Lviv oblast were de-energized due to bad weather. A dozen cars and three buses were stuck in the snowdrifts. In one of them there were children returning from a trip. Fifty trees fell on the roads. Traffic was complicated even on the international highway Lviv-Krakivets

Due to bad weather, 33 settlements of Prykarpattia were also left without electricity. An ambulance on its way to the patient fell into the snow traps. A tractor with two people fell into the river, rescuers had to rescue the victims from the water, because they could not get out on their own due to a strong current.

Bad weather in Ukraine

In Ternopil oblast, rescuers pulled a bus with ten passengers, cars and trucks with food out of snowdrifts. On the Ivano-Frankivsk-Ternopil highway, the movement of trucks had to be suspended.

And in Transcarpathia, instead of snowdrifts, there is flooding Due to heavy rains, the rivers overflowed their banks. There are dozens of yards and farmland in the water. It had to be pumped out of the basement by rescuers. Several roads were blocked, and in the Rakhiv region, soil crumbled under the transport bridge, so the movement of cars was stopped there.

Bad weather in Ukraine

Rescuers pulled the ambulance and the patient out of the snow trap in Khmelnytskyi oblast. The woman was being taken to the hospital. Later, they were informed that they had reached the medical facility. There is no threat to the patient's life

Trolleybus wires froze in Rivne. In the evening, snowfall replaced rain and frost and turned roads and sidewalks into ice rinks. Cars got bogged down and flew into a ditch. Patrol and rescuers helped them get out.

Weather forecasters predict similar weather for a few more days. Road workers and police officers advise drivers not to leave unless absolutely necessary, and pedestrians to be extremely careful.

Bad weather in Ukraine

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Recall that on December 4, cloudy weather with clearings is expected in Ukraine.