Germany continues to accept refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine and provide them with assistance. Ukrainians can enter Germany without a visa. However, it is allowed to stay in the country without registration for up to 90 days. Next, you need to apply for temporary protection status.

The website tells what kind of assistance is provided to Ukrainians in Germany. We talk about living conditions, the amount of financial assistance, medical care and education.

Who can get temporary protection in Germany

A residence permit allows you to stay in the country for one year, but then it can be extended for another two years. In Germany, the government has extended protection status for Ukrainian refugees until March 2025.

Protection can be issued by:

How to apply for temporary protection status in Germany, step-by-step instructions can be found on the Visit Ukraine website. The conditions of the procedure may vary depending on the federal state.

Housing for Ukrainians in Germany

Ukrainians in Germany are provided with free housing. This can be an apartment, a room in a dormitory, or a place in a refugee shelter. Refugees are not currently accommodated in large cities because they are overcrowded. People are distributed to more remote areas. You can get help in the following regions of Germany: Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Saxony, Thuringia and Saarland. However, this list is constantly changing. In the rest of the Länder, only those Ukrainians in which close relatives live there can apply for status.

To receive temporary protection, it is not necessary to live in social housing. You can stay with relatives, friends or rent a house.

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Payments for refugees in Germany

Refugees from Ukraine in Germany receive unemployment benefits of 502 euros per month. If Ukrainian lives with his family, the amount will be slightly less — 451 euros per person. Depending on their age, children receive between €318 and €420. Payments will stop if you officially get a job. You can search for it yourself or contact the nearest employment center.

Medical care for refugees in Germany

Ukrainians in Germany who have temporary protection are also provided with free medical services.

Education for refugees in Germany

Children in Germany can attend a German school for free. Free German courses are available for adults.

It should be noted that a residence permit in Germany is canceled for those who are outside the country for more than six months. Unemployment benefits will continue as long as your trip lasts no more than three weeks.

Germany does not restrict the reception of Ukrainian refugees upon return from other countries, i.e. it re-grants temporary protection.

Recall that the rules for entering EU countries will be tightened from 2024. The changes will affect Ukrainians and residents of other visa-free countries - to cross the border, you will have to obtain a special ETIAS permit and pay a fee of 7 euros for it. You will also need to fill out a special questionnaire, which must be approved.