Ukraine should increase its own production of ammunition.

This was stated by the former commander of the US forces in Europe, retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, in an interview with Voice of America.

"I know that some companies, such as Rheinmetall, BAE and a few others, have said that they are going to produce certain things in Ukraine. But in fact, you need to pay attention to this. Let's be honest – what has Ukraine been doing since 2014? There should have already been mountains of artillery ammunition. Yes, one can be disappointed that the West does not provide more. And what has Ukraine done since 2014 to increase its own production of ammunition? Ukraine was the heart of the Soviet Union's defense industry for decades. Therefore, I believe that Ukraine should do everything possible to increase production," he said.

Hodges also noted that it is possible to increase production during the war. He recalled that the production of German aircraft in World War II reached its peak in 1944, when Germany was already being bombed by the British and Americans.

"Production capacity is a reflection of political will. Artillery ammunition is not a machine that an automaker can simply manufacture and sell to anyone. You need to invest money in their production, place an order for a certain number of thousands, for example, missiles. The United States has quadrupled, I think, but it's still not enough. And political will is needed to increase it," the general added.

He noted that it is important for Ukraine to supply ready-made ammunition, but Ukraine can produce it itself.

Earlier, the media reported that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, during the visit of the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin to Kyiv in November, allegedly complained to him about the interference of the Office of the President of Ukraine.