Despite the fact that the approval of aid to Ukraine by the US Congress for 2024 is postponed, at least until the summer, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be provided with weapons.

This was stated by diplomat, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the United States (2015-2019) Valeriy Chaly on the air of the telethon.

"I want to reassure you a little, if you analyze the information, I have full confidence that our Armed Forces will be provided with weapons by the summer of next year. In what volumes and in what types – this will be a question. But there will be money for this," the diplomat is convinced.

Chaly recalled that Biden had requested $61 billion from the US Congress to help Ukraine. The expert does not rule out that the amount may be reduced.

"The request for USD 61 billion actually contains a plan to help Ukraine for the next year. And in this sense, this plan is important. I think the White House will push for a package vote. Funding may be reduced. But we should not guess whether it will be reduced or not. This is important for us, but there is Germany and 8 billion, there is the Netherlands, there is the European Union. We need to look for certain ways to defend ourselves," says the former ambassador to the United States.

Chaly is confident that American aid will not stop completely.

"They can postpone the vote (on the allocation of aid to Ukraine. – Ed.) for January. This is bad, because there may not be this link to the moment of Ukraine, Israel... The situation will be different, the candidates for the primaries will come out, and the Americans will not be up to Ukraine. Therefore, let's hope that this vote will close in December. But at the same time, it does its own thing for us. We need to produce our own weapons," the diplomat concluded.

On November 16, US President Joe Biden signed a temporary budget law that does not provide for aid to Ukraine.

Later, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Oksana Markarova assured that the signing of the Interim Budget Resolution by US President Joe Biden without aid for Ukraine is not a "betrayal". looked into why Ukraine risks being without US help and how to reach out to Congress.

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