In Poland, in Jaszczów (Lublin Voivodeship), two railway workers were hit by a passenger train while clearing snow from the railway tracks. A 64-year-old railway worker died on the spot, and another was hospitalized.

This was reported in rmf24.

According to preliminary data, three railway workers cleared the tracks of snow using a so-called blower. One of them noticed the train at the last moment and managed to bounce back.

"Maybe they didn't hear the noise of the arriving train. One man was hit by the wheels and died on the spot. The second was thrown off track; he was taken to the hospital," said Andrzej Fijolek, spokesman for the Voivodeship Police.

According to Fiyolek, it is possible that the men had headphones with muffled sound, and the snow made it difficult to see.

Recall that in the Poltava region, a 25-year-old man was dragged under a train by a stream of air. Fortunately, everything passed.

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