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"I wanted to congratulate the mayor. Hristo Hristov and on "local soil" and on the spot to see what are the most important priorities for the city and the municipality. Some of them are included in the draft budget, but there is an opportunity to update them. We had to discuss again which are the projects that are being raised as a priority for Shumen for the next few years." This is what Prime Minister Acad. Nikolay Denkov is caretaker Minister of Education and Science in the cabinet of Ognyan Gerdzhikov. After his meeting with the mayor prof. Christ, BTA reported.

"What I hear, apart from the topic of water, is that sports facilities are what is a sick topic and on which a solution will be sought in the coming years. We talked about how sports projects can be funded. We talked about the city stadium, the racecourse and the swimming pool. We talked about higher education and training staff for the Industrial Zone in the city. We covered a wide range of topics," Denkov noted.

He recalled that today a symbolic groundbreaking of the Ruse-Veliko Tarnovo highway was turned and together with the Regional Minister they explained that "there is an exclusive focus on Northeastern Bulgaria in terms of high-speed roads" and next year projects for the preparation of high-speed roads in all major directions in the region will be financed.

Acad. Denkov: Ruse is the center of the highways we want to develop

For Hemus Motorway Acad. Denkov said that its construction will "intensify quite a lot next year on several of the lots for which there is technical training. What continues to be a problem is that there is no technical documentation on lots seven and eight, so there is no way to build until the project is prepared at the appropriate level. Everything for which there are projects, including lot nine, will be speeded up very much next year; There is funding," Denkov said.

According to him, the case with the water of Shumen is extremely complicated and accumulated over the years. "There is also a problem with the price of electricity, with the contracts concluded with one of the companies. What we were discussing is that lawsuits are ongoing and until they are completed, the contract with the company cannot be cleared. We agreed to meet again in Sofia with the representatives of the WSS holding and the Ministry of Regional Development "to see how to start unraveling this ball so that a sustainable solution can be gradually found." Everything bad that could have happened happened. These accumulated mistakes now have to be fixed one by one, "added Denkov.

Mayor Hristov thanked the Prime Minister for his commitments and specified that at a meeting in Sofia next week there will be talk of "building a sports base related to football in Shumen".

Acad. Nikolay Denkov is caretaker Minister of Education and Science in the cabinet of Ognyan Gerdzhikov. Tomorrow he will participate in a discussion on education at Shumen University.

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