Partisans spotted parts of the Russian Moskva-1 electronic warfare system in occupied Yevpatoria.

This was reported by the military partisan movement in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine "Atesh".

"Throughout the past week, our agents have observed how the Russian Armed Forces have been actively moving electronic warfare systems closer to military facilities to protect them from cruise missile strikes and self-defense UAVs. The fear of SOU strikes forces the active and sometimes chaotic movement of countermeasures systems of the Russian Armed Forces," the statement reads.

In particular, the resistance movement noticed the movement of the 1L265 reconnaissance module and the 1L66 control systems. Vehicles with this equipment were heading to the missile and technical base in Yevpatoria.

Base coordinates: 45.200595, 33.321119

Missile and technical base in Yevpatoria / Photo: Telegram / ATESH Movement

To recap, the Russian occupiers restored protection against naval drones in Crimea, which was destroyed by bad weather.

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