Samuel García, governor of Nuevo León. (JULIO CESAR AGUILAR/AFP via Getty Images)

(CNN Español) -- Pre-candidate Samuel García abandoned his aspirations to run for the presidency of Mexico in 2024 on Saturday after alleging irregularities in the process of separating him from his position as governor of the state of Nuevo León, and announced that he will run for the 2030 presidential elections, according to a video published on his social networks.

García said that "the old politics," as he referred to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the National Action Party (PAN) – with a majority in the Nuevo León Congress – derailed his presidential aspirations as the standard-bearer of the Citizens' Movement.

He argued that this Saturday he resumed the position he won in 2021 as governor of Nuevo León, in the midst of a crisis generated by his request for leave and the lack of agreement with the local Congress to appoint a member of his party as interim governor.

"After a long fight, at the last minute, the highest court closed the door on us," Garcia said, referring to the ratification of former deputy state prosecutor Luis Enrique Orozco as interim governor by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

In a message on X, the national leader of Movimiento Ciudadano, Dante Delgado, backed García, and offered him support in the face of the attacks that, he said, he could be a victim of because of his decision.


The political crisis that triggered a pre-candidacy

A political and governance crisis is shaking the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, which woke up this Saturday with two governors, after Samuel Garcia said he resumed his position as governor after abandoning his presidential aspirations, while former deputy prosecutor Luis Enrique Orozco took over as interim governor, elected by the local Congress and backed by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

García had planned to take leave to be a pre-candidate of Movimiento Ciudadano for the presidency of Mexico starting at the first minute of this Saturday, and leave his Secretary of Government, Javier Navarro, as head of office, but the Federal Electoral Tribunal ruled against him by arguing that the designation corresponded to the Legislative Branch of Nuevo León.

Despite the backing of the Local Congress and the Supreme Court of Justice, Orozco was unable to carry out official acts at the Nuevo León Government Palace, since the venue remained closed and no secretary was present. The former deputy prosecutor told local media that he remains steadfast in the position of interim governor, as ordered by the country's highest court.

But Garcia's return as constitutional governor would have to be approved by the Legislative Branch.

CNN has attempted to reach Orozco and representatives of the state Congress, but has so far not received a response.

This political crisis in Nuevo León, considered the most important industrial entity in Mexico, is marked by the dispute between García and the local Congress, mostly made up of the opponents of the PRI and the PAN.

The Nuevo Leon State Congress warned in a statement that if Samuel Garcia insisted on "illegally staying in office, it will be under his constitutional and electoral responsibility."

The political uncertainty in Nuevo León also unleashed an avalanche of reactions, including those of presidential hopefuls Claudia Sheinbaum and Xóchitl Gálvez.

"Congress makes the decision to appoint someone who is not from Samuel's party or Samuel's team, in fact, it is contrary, and it seems to me that this is not right," said Morena party candidate Claudia Sheinbaum in a video posted on X.

For her part, Xóchitl Gálvez, presidential candidate for the opposition alliance Frente Amplio por México, asked to respect the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in the case of the governorship of Nuevo León.

On Friday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador offered the federal government to mediate to resolve the conflict in Nuevo León, only if the parties involved request it. López Obrador ruled out that, for the time being, there are plans to send a representative to set up a negotiating table.

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