Ukrainian TV presenter Kateryna Osadcha told how she almost became a victim of brazen fraudsters from Russia.

On her Instagram, the celebrity shared that someone tried to hack her Telegram account. Fortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful. Kateryna received a notification, which indicated that they tried to enter her page from Russia. Osadcha urged people to be careful and attentive to data security.

"Someone in the swamps is very, interested in my Telegram. Be careful. Change your passwords from time to time," the presenter urged subscribers.

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Kateryna Osadcha is outraged that the Russian Federation is terrorizing civilians. However, the presenter is convinced that by doing so, the enemy only shows his weakness when he resorts to such impudent acts.

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"Restless stupid neighbor. How to measure weakness, when they can't conquer it, they just go berserk, break pages, fly all day long, burning tons of fuel. Just imagine, instead of spending the day off, they are busy spoiling the lives of others," the presenter was indignant.

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Recall that the singer Jamala in Russia was arrested in absentia and put on the international wanted list. The performer has already reacted to this and started talking about her safety.