The season for the sale of Christmas trees and pines has been officially opened in Ukraine. On December 2, sales of trees have already begun in forestries.

How to choose a tree for the holidays on the air of the program "Breakfast with 1 + 1" told the chief forester of the branch of "Boryspil forestry" Volodymyr Klimko.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video at this link: The season for selling Christmas trees and pines is open: how to choose a New Year's tree for the holidays

As Volodymyr Klymko noted, the pine tree stands the longest. She is very hardy. But the main thing is to buy a fresh tree, to bring it correctly.

"It needs to undergo a certain acclimatization. If we immediately bring it out of the cold into a warm room, it can "decompose" very much, so to speak," the forester explained.

Therefore, it is better to first hold the pine on the veranda or balcony so that it acclimatizes, and only then bring it into the house.

"To make a pine tree last longer, you can install it in a bucket of wet sand. You can even add water in the first days, then the pine will stand much longer. But the main thing is when this tree was prepared, felled. If it has been on the site, for example, since mid-November, then it will stand less," Klimko explained.

How to tell by needles that a tree is stale

When we pick up a tree with our hand, run it over it, the twigs actually come back. If the pine tree stands for a long time, then the twigs may not return. This indicates that the tree is already dry and will not stand for long. And by color – if the needles are brown all over the tree, this indicates that it has been standing for a very long time.

All New Year's trees that were harvested in the forests of the state specialized economic enterprise "Forests of Ukraine" will have tags.

They may differ slightly, but each can be scanned by going to the website, there is a special position called "Christmas trees", there you can check by simply entering the numbers where this tree was harvested.

In the branch of Boryspil Forestry, the average price for a Christmas tree will be 160 hryvnia. Smaller ones cost 120 hryvnias.

The largest human-sized trees will cost up to 300 hryvnias.

Recall that the Christmas tree in Kyiv will be in green and white colors – why the scandal broke out and what does its sale at auction have to do with it.