Netanyahu is facing constant pressure from the families of the detainees, who earlier called on him to accept the release of all Israeli detainees held by Hamas in exchange for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Some of the detainees released by Hamas took part in the demonstrations, including Yelena Trubanov, who told crowds: "I came here to say thank you. Without all of you, I wouldn't be here. Now we have to keep working for everyone to come back now! Now! Now."

Another protester participating in these demonstrations called on Benjamin Netanyahu's government to work to recover all the hostages, including the men, noting that it has no objection to the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israel.

Amid continued public pressure on Netanyahu's government to repatriate detainees, the government accuses Hamas of violating its commitment to release the 17 women and children still held in Gaza.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant stressed that the movement must keep its word, as he described it.

"Hamas violated the agreement we reached with the mediation of the United States, Egypt and Qatar. Any discussion about the future of repatriating other abductees, before Hamas releases those it has already pledged to return, is tantamount to abandoning them. We are able to defeat Hamas and achieve our military objectives as well as return the abductees."

Hamas denies the accusations and says the remaining prisoners are soldiers and there are no negotiations for them until the war is completely over.

It asserts that those the Israeli government is talking about may be detained by other Palestinian factions, and a one-day truce is not enough to locate them.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed that Israel will continue to fight until it achieves all its goals, foremost of which is the elimination of Hamas.

Netanyahu said there was no way to eliminate Hamas except by continuing the ground operation in the Gaza Strip.