The Chinese Space Agency has published the first photos of its own Tiangong orbital station, which were taken at an altitude of about 400 kilometers.

The photos were reportedly taken by the crew of the Shenzhou-16 spacecraft shortly after it left the station.

"The astronauts held high-definition cameras as they flew around the spacecraft to photograph the space station assembly," the Chinese space agency said.

The report emphasized that this is the first time that a full-scale image of a space station against the background of the Earth was obtained in orbit.

It is known that the Chinese crew of the Shenzhou-16 spacecraft was in orbit for about five months, where they conducted various scientific experiments. The return of astronauts from orbit took place on October 30, while the capsule made a hard landing in the Gobi Desert due to a parachute malfunction.

The name of the station "Tiangong means" in Chinese "heavenly palace". It consists of three modules that were launched into orbit in April 2021, July and October 2022. The station is 55 meters long and weighs about 70 tons, making it about five times smaller than the International Space Station.

Construction of the station was completed last year, but the images were only released this week.

Recall that scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that human blood stem cells were grown for the first time on the Tiangong space station.