Burhan told a group of soldiers and officers in the central city of Madani, about 180 kilometers from Khartoum: "We do not want an envoy who sides with a group or group, otherwise his fate will be like Volker Peretz, but we want a neutral mission that contributes to the stability, security and unity of Sudan."

Since assuming the presidency of UNITAMS in early 2021, Volker has faced strong opposition from the Brotherhood, which has ruled Sudan since 1989 before being ousted in April 2019.

That opposition grew further after the role he played in reaching an agreement on December 2022, 25 between civilians and the military, known as the "Framework Agreement" and included clauses ending Burhan's arrangements on October 2021, <>, when he overthrew Abdullah Hamdok's civilian government.

In the midst of the mission's involvement in the political process aimed at ending the Sudanese crisis that erupted after October 25, 2021, groups loyal to the Brotherhood organized several marches demanding the end of the mission's mission, accusing it of interfering in Sudanese affairs, but a spokesman for the mission said in previous statements to Sky News Arabia that what it is doing "comes within its terms of reference and mandates stipulated in the resolution establishing it by the UN Security Council."

Al-Burhan criticized some Sudanese political forces without naming them, adding: "We went to negotiate with an open heart in order to reach a just, comprehensive and lasting peace, and we say to those who beg in the capitals of the world and claim to bring solutions that the solution is at home and they must negotiate with the Sudanese people, who will reject the rebellion and everyone who cooperates with them," referring to the Rapid Support Forces.

"Any peace negotiations that do not meet the desire of the Sudanese people will not be acceptable," he said, adding: "No solutions will be imposed on us from outside."

As the war in Sudan enters its eighth month, the security and humanitarian situation is worsening, with more than 10,7 people killed and about 4 million forced from their homes, of whom about 5.<> million have been displaced to less dangerous interior areas and the rest have sought refuge in neighbouring countries.

Despite international and regional efforts to find a solution to the crisis, the war is expanding day by day, with the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) expanding more than 80 percent of the capital's areas and about 90 percent of the country's largest region, Darfur, home to about 6 million people.

Al-Burhan's speech came a few days after the appointment of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, former Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra as his special envoy in Sudan, and was followed by the issuance of a resolution by the United Nations Security Council to end the mission of "UNITAMS", which observers who spoke to Sky News Arabia considered a step towards expanding the tasks of the United Nations in Sudan, and perhaps a return to the seventh article in which Sudan was placed during the last 15 years of the rule of Omar al-Bashir's regime, which lasted 3 decades.