Ukrainian intelligence officer Oleksandr Nemkov said that the Russian army may again attack the city of Kyiv. Therefore, according to him, Ukrainians need to be prepared for this.

In an exclusive interview with, the military said that women and men need to master, for example, how to handle weapons and take paramedic courses.

"You can fight in different ways and be useful to the army too. It is not necessarily that it was all the bayonet and just ran. Everyone must have certain skills that will be useful in the army. Because we don't know how the situation at the front will turn tomorrow. We don't know if they will approach the borders of Kyiv again. This is also possible in principle today, unfortunately. If our people are not ready for such events, then there will be the result that we saw in Bucha," Oleksandr Nemkov said.

The scout says that men need to be prepared for the fact that they will have to replace someone at the front.

"Absolutely every man, I believe, should have a certain culture of handling weapons. It won't hurt women either, there's nothing hard there. Two or four higher education degrees are not required here. Some paramedic skills, basic things that a person should be able to do. Men should be prepared that they will have to replace someone at some point. Maybe it won't happen, but it's possible. So that he is ready, and not hiding somewhere," Oleksandr Nemkov said.

On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video SCOUT WHO BROKE THROUGH TO AZOVSTAL: Putin is preparing for a difficult war! Everyone will have to fight!