Ivan Silva failed to get close to his best performances of the year. Photo: IJF.

Ivan Silva (90 kg), one of the hopes of the Cuban judo team to advance in the Tokyo Grand Slam, gave up in his first fight and failed to get close to the medal discussion.

Silva, ranked fifth in the world this season and recent holder of the Pan American Games, fell to Germany's Eduard Trippel, Olympic runner-up at Tokyo 2020 and currently ranked 32nd in the world.

In that duel both were even until the last minute, with options for both but without a valid action. However, the European managed to surprise the Caribbean and score the wazari that ultimately tipped the fight in his favor.

After this result, the historical balance between them now favors Trippel, with two successes against one defeat.

In the end, the division was dominated by the local Sanshiro Murao, followed on the podium by the Georgian Luka Maisuradze and the bronzed Christian Parlati (ITA) and Mikhail Igolnikov (RUS).

On Sunday's closing day, Cuba will present Andy Granda (+100 kg) and Maylín del Toro (63 kg) as its main candidates to advance in the organizational chart. They will also be joined on the tatami by Orlando Polanco (66 kg) and Lianet Cardona (78 kg).