The central part of Veliko Tarnovo was left without central heating because of another failure on the network of "Toplofikatsia VT", BNR reported.

This is the eighth major major accident on the heat transmission network of the TPP in Veliko Tarnovo since the beginning of the heating season.

Now part of the sq. Buzludzha, the area around the health inspection and the central part of the city. Without heating are the municipal student dormitory "Kolyu Ficheto", the high school of fashion design, the district of the regional administration and the NRA.

Veliko Tarnovo residents commented that this season the central heating is very uncertain and there are almost no periods when there is a central heat supply continuously for more than a week. The record is for the Buzludzha district, where there was no heating for nearly three weeks.

The management of DHC said yesterday that compensation will be paid for the undelivered heat for November.

For today's accident, the company does not specify a date for its removal.

Without heating are areas of Veliko Tarnovo

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