DAR ES SALAAM: The government expects graduates in education training to be ambassadors for the implementation of the Education and Training Policy 2014 2023.

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Professor Adolf Winda made the remarks at the 31st graduation of the Education Leadership Development Agency (ADEM).

"At this time, we rely heavily on them to help us implement the reforms that are outlined in the new Education Policy, as well as the teaching role you will play in overseeing education reform in the country," he said.

He said in the new policies and curriculums, teachers will have to do practical training for a year to build experience at work.

He said the expectation is that graduates of teaching and school quality management are at work because the government and society depend on them.

ADEM Chief Executive Dr Siston Masanja said the government was investing in the training to build skills and accountability for the country's development.

"Graduates are an important pillar of the nation, you should strengthen the management and implementation of construction projects, teaching and learning management, child safety and various guidelines," he said.

A total of 916 graduates have been awarded a diploma, 702 are for the Diploma of Leadership and Management of Education, 214 Diploma of School Quality Control and three graduates have been awarded a Diploma in Leadership and Education Management.