The training of the second group of Ukrainian servicemen to work with the Patriot air defense system has been completed in Berlin. About 70 soldiers and officers from Ukraine took part in the exercises.

This was announced on Friday, December 1, by the commander of the Multinational Training Command, Lieutenant General Andreas Marlow, reports the DW news agency.

According to him, the training course lasted more than six weeks. He stressed that the protection of Ukraine's airspace is the main task, as Russian attacks are deliberately destroying civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

The German general stressed that during the training, a level of personnel competence was achieved that would allow Ukraine to work independently with the Patriot air defense system.

"The second thing is that we, of course, received a lot of tactical advice from the Ukrainians about what they learned from the battles with the Russians, from infantry to engineering troops and air defense," Marlov admitted.

Experienced Ukrainian officers serving in the air defense forces took part in the training program. Many of the Ukrainian participants of the training had experience with Soviet air defense systems, such as the S-300 air defense system.

"All of them have combat experience, and also previously served in air defense," the German instructor said.

Background: German Foreign Minister Baerbock called for the creation of a "winter shield" over Ukraine.

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