The situation in the Avdiivka sector remains consistently difficult. In particular, due to difficult weather conditions. After all, it rains continuously for almost a day.

This was announced on the air of the telethon by the head of the public relations service of the 47th Mechanized BrigadeDmytro Lazutkin.

"It has been raining continuously for almost a day. It is clear that this complicates the movement of heavy equipment, although it is also observed. The ground is now soaked, the equipment is bogged down in it. In addition, due to gusty winds and low clouds, the work of drones is hampered. It is carried out, but there are some nuances. The number of contact rifle battles is increasing and, accordingly, the number of bullet wounds is increasing. This also characterizes the hostilities that are currently taking place," the speaker emphasizes.

According to him, the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding the line and preventing the occupiers from advancing in the north of Avdiivka. Currently, there is a lot of shelling. On average, Ukrainian defenders eliminate up to a hundred occupiers and destroy several units of heavy equipment every day.

In addition, Dmytro Lazutkin notes. Harm field mice. They flee to warm places - where there is food, that is, closer to Ukrainian servicemen.

"A few days ago, one of our fighters was bitten by a mouse and sent for treatment. He has to take medication for several days, and for several days he is not actually involved in hostilities. That is, this is a serious harm, you should not take it lightly and you should not joke," Lazutkin said.