The Association of Parents of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) in Dar es Salam Province has warned the community to invest more in better child care, which will help to eliminate the erosion of values that has continued to take hold in the country.

The warning was issued by the Chairman of the Community, Dar Es Salam Khadija Ally Saidi, during a visit to inspect the survival of the community and the party in six wards of Kibamba province, Ubungo district.

He said society has a great responsibility to invest in the quality of childcare that has been largely affected by globalization and that if deliberate action is not taken to control the situation the nation will produce immoral youth.

"We are now seeing a huge wave of our children being immoral due to the inappropriate use of social media... We as parents and society have a great responsibility that we have to implement in good parenting. "Let's teach our children to believe in themselves and to recognize ourselves if we don't do that we are producing a bomb in our nation," he said.

He also said many sexual assaults have been occurring due to a serious moral erosion that has been attributed to society's lack of fear of God and lack of dignity and that the community will continue to manage all aspects of the policy.

He also warned some party leaders, especially the community, to follow all the principles and principles of the party, including regular sessions, which will help the party stay active and have more members.

In a separate development, the seat holder launched an electronic membership registration and received more than 20 new members from other political parties.

Mbezi County Councillor Ismail Malata said the ward has gone from more than 4.8 shillings to water project construction to address the problem of water shortages for some streets, 3 billion in the education sector and 500 million for the construction of a health centre.

For his part, the chairman of the community, Ubungo district, Meshaki Ole Sabaya said CCM in Ubungo district had received the instructions and promised to work in the wider interests of the party and the nation.