The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, made a frank statement about the war — he admitted certain failures and revealed the secrets of the volume of weapons transferred from the allies. The president also warned Ukrainians about a difficult winter, announced an increase in the production of their own weapons and told whether there would be elections during the war.

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Zelensky's new interview

Zelensky gave a frank interview to the Associated Press. In it, the President of Ukraine made several statements about the war and allies. He also talked about the long-awaited counteroffensive, which was provided with tens of billions of dollars in Western military aid, including heavy weapons, but still did not bring the expected breakthroughs.

Some Ukrainian officials are now worried about whether further aid will be sufficient, but Zalensky assured that Ukraine will not give up.

"There is not enough strength to achieve the desired results faster. But that doesn't mean we should give up, that we should give up. We are confident in our actions. We fight for what belongs to us. We wanted faster results. From this point of view, unfortunately, we have not achieved the desired results. And this is a fact," Zelensky said.

What prevented the counteroffensive

But the president also named one of the reasons for this. Zelenskyy admitted that despite the fabulous sums to support Ukrainian defenders, Ukraine did not actually receive all the necessary and promised weapons from the allies, and such restrictions hindered the advance. The president admitted that the war in Israel also influenced this.

Successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and weapons production

At the same time, Zelensky says, not everything is so bad. According to him, some positive results have been achieved over the past few months. For example, Ukraine has managed to make incremental territorial gains against a better-armed and fortified enemy and reduced the power of Moscow's Black Sea Fleet thanks to well-planned Ukrainian attacks that have pierced air defenses and struck its headquarters in occupied Crimea.

The temporary grain corridor created by Kyiv after Russia's withdrawal from the agreement to ensure the safe export of grain is still working. But Zelensky does not dwell on the past, journalists say, instead focusing on the next stage — increasing domestic weapons production.

The allies do not always give everything they promised, so now they want to focus on their own production. Already in 2024, Ukraine plans to increase the production of missiles, ammunition, weapons and military equipment several times. This was also stated by the Ministry of Defense.

What is needed for domestic production

A significant part of Ukraine's budget will be allocated for this, because the current production is not enough to turn the tide of the war. Now Zelensky has embarked on a new strategy and is now counting on Western allies, including the United States, to offer lucrative loans and contracts to achieve this goal.

This will scare Russia

Zelensky is confident that nothing scares Russia more than a militarily self-sufficient Ukraine, and added that when he last met with U.S. President Joe Biden, members of Congress and other senior officials, he made one urgent appeal: "Give Ukraine cheap loans and licenses to produce American weapons. Give us these opportunities and we will build. No matter how much effort and time it takes, we will do it, and we will do it very quickly."

More news coming soon

By the way, the head of the President's Office, Andriy Yermak, previously reported that on December 6-7, the first conference on joint Ukrainian-American arms production will be held in the United States, what results Ukraine expects after this meeting, we listen further.

But it is still too early to talk about parity in armaments over Russia.

What happens if there is less support

Meanwhile, Zelensky stands his ground, if now the world gets tired and reduces military support for Ukraine, and Russia wins this war, then the so-called "second army of the world" will move to NATO countries.

"In the case of Ukraine, if resilience fails today due to a lack of aid and a lack of weapons and funding, it will mean that Russia is likely to invade NATO countries. And then American children will fight," Zelensky commented.

Rumors of negotiations

As for the rumors about negotiations and that Zelensky is beginning to be persuaded to do so, the president replied as follows: "I don't feel it yet. Some voices are always heard."

And what about the elections in Ukraine?

Zelensky spoke about the elections and his readiness for them, but noted that the majority of Ukrainians oppose them. By the way, the presidential election should have been held at the end of March 2024. Zelensky added that there are no words to describe how difficult this job is, but he also cannot imagine leaving this position now.

Difficult months ahead

The President once again warned Ukrainians about a difficult war and stressed that the war in winter would be a new stage. It will be recalled that on November 25, Moscow carried out the largest attack with kamikaze drones in the entire full-scale war: the ruscists launched 75 drones and most of them were aimed at Kyiv.

"That's why the winter war is hard," Zelensky says.

Russia is preparing for massive attacks

According to the Chief Intelligence Directorate, Russia has managed to accumulate at least 800-900 missiles, which it plans to fire at Ukraine during the winter.

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