Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is increasing the size of his army. He signed the relevant decree. The Kremlin claims that this is due to the so-called "special military operation" and "NATO expansion".

This is reported by Russian media outlets.

As noted, Putin signed a decree establishing the staffing of the Russian Armed Forces at 2.2 million people. In particular, 1.3 of them are military.

"The increase in the number of military personnel in the Armed Forces of Russia is being implemented in stages at the expense of citizens who express a desire to serve under contract. The increase in the number of staff is due to the growing threats to Russia associated with the special military operation and NATO expansion. The additional build-up of combat strength and the number of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is an adequate response to NATO's aggressive activities. A significant increase in conscription for military service is not planned, mobilization is not provided," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

It should be emphasized that in total, Putin increased the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation by almost 170 thousand people.

Recall that the Kremlin is concerned about the upcoming presidential elections.