Two regions in Ukraine have begun an intensified check of men's documents. Dodgers will no longer be able to hide.

What has changed, where and what innovations have worked, journalist Victoria Hnatiuk told in an exclusive story for

Enhanced Document Verification

Transcarpathian military commissars were "given a free hand". There, representatives of the regional territorial recruitment center were allowed to check the documents of passers-by, so from now on, all men are required to walk with passports until the end of martial law in the country.

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What they say in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

This decision was made by the head of the regional military administration Viktor Mykyta and the head of the TCC, Colonel Andriy Savchuk. By the way, in Ukraine, the term of general mobilization was extended until February 14. Citizens liable for military service aged 18-60 who have no reason for deferment from service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine are drafted into the army.

At the same time, a scandal broke out in society over the terms of service, because those who went to the front at the beginning of the full-scale war still did not have full-fledged rotations. The Verkhovna Rada promises to fix this. The issue of conscription age should also be resolved.

Demobilization of people with disabilities of groups 1 and 2, former prisoners, cancer patients. In particular, these and other initiatives for military service and mobilization are being considered by MPs, Servant of the People Davyd Arakhamia said.

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Not Transcarpathia alone

Davyd Arakhamia added that more than 10 draft laws regulating mobilization and demobilization are already in the Verkhovna Rada, but they need to be finalized.

At the same time, mobilization was intensified not only in Zakarpattia. A week ago, the same decision was made in the Lviv region during a meeting of the regional defense council. Although the day before, the Ministry of Justice stated that the verification of documents by TCC employees on the streets was not legal, the head of the Lviv Military Administration had a different opinion, and therefore also issued an order and allowed employees of territorial recruitment and social support centers to check the documents of Ukrainians of conscription age. Persons liable for military service must have documents confirming their identity and military registration.

Scandals in Lviv region

It will be recalled that on the eve of these decisions, the Lviv region did not get out of scandals. There, almost every day, bystanders filmed how representatives of the TCC wrung the hands of passers-by and pushed them into cars.

What subpoenas are now being served

And while the issues with innovations in mobilization are being resolved, it is known that in December, conscripts will continue to receive three types of summonses: to clarify credentials, to pass a military medical commission and the mobilization order itself.

There is also a fourth type of summons, i.e. conscription for military service, but they are not issued under martial law, because it is not currently being carried out. Representatives of the TCC, as well as local self-government bodies, administrations of institutions, organizations, enterprises and educational institutions have the right to serve summonses. And these documents can be issued everywhere, the law does not limit the place.

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