We are extremely worried about the new appointment of Mayor Terziev – the former director of the waste plant, fired by Fandakova. This man was fired in connection with a tragic accident under his leadership in which we had a death – a worker at the waste plant died.

Georgi Georgiev was born on 26.05.1986. He has a legal education and was a lawyer at Sofia from GERB is a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party before the meeting of the Sofia Municipal Council (SCC).

"Terziev's new cadres are those fired by Fandakova," Georgiev said, adding that Vasil TerzievVasil Terziev was born on June 9, 1978. He is the candidate for mayor of Sofia, nominated by the parties he does not have the team he was talking about.

He stressed that the mayor was probably misled, but it should become clear how people who were fired because of deaths returned "on a white horse" to Sofia Municipality years later. "That they will be loaded with revanchism is clear, the question is whether these are the new standards, is this the prepared team – fired personnel to be returned through the front entrance," Georgiev said.

Bonev: GERB sabotage the governance of the city

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