The blockade on the Polish-Ukrainian border has been going on for almost a month. Currently, the Poles do not allow Ukrainian trucks to enter at the checkpoints Yahodyn, Krakivets, Rava-Ruska and Shehyni. As of today, Slovak carriers have joined them.

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent Marichka Kuzhyk.

Ukrainian drivers have been forced to sit in the middle of the field for almost a month. Now the carriers have decided to go to the Polish strikers to talk face to face. Several hundred drivers walked through the fields - from the parking lots to the border 5-6 kilometers. However, the police shot them in the field and did not let them go further.

Ukrainian Drivers

Polish strikers detain even humanitarian cargo, which is also dangerous and perishable. Although at the beginning of the blockade, they assured that such trucks would be allowed to pass out of turn. International charitable foundations that provide aid to Ukrainians cannot deliver goods across the border. TSN contacted the head of one such organization from Germany.

"He left on Monday, and on Wednesday we received a call that he could not cross the border. For many months after the start of the war, the Poles said that the Germans were doing nothing for Ukraine. But for Ukrainians, Poles were like brothers and sisters, and in the beginning they did everything they could. But now it looks like money is becoming more important," says Thomas Kretschmann, the head of the charity from Germany.

Thomas Kretschmann.

Ukrainian drivers are freezing and living in terrible conditions. Because of the actions of the Poles, they even went on a hunger strike. The situation moved forward when representatives of the Ukrainian consulate arrived. They talked to the Polish strikers and seemed to reach a certain consensus.

"We have achieved such changes that every hour seven cars leave one parking lot, 7 cars - from the second. Humanitarian cargo goes without restriction. Until Sunday until 12 noon. There will be some kind of meeting there. And after that, there will be some other changes," says carrier Lyubomyr Humenchuk.

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As a reminder, on November 6, Polish carriers began to block the movement of trucks at the checkpoints "Krakivets-Korczova", "Yahodyn-Dorohusk" and "Rava-Ruska-Hrebenne".

It was also reported that on December 1 at 16:00, another country, Slovakia, would join the border blockade.