For the first time, the Security Service of Ukraine described how snipers of the Special Operations Center "A" fought near Bakhmut in the spring of 2023.

This is stated in the film "Bakhmut. The Road of Life" from the documentary series "SBU. Special operations of victory", the press service of the Security Service of Ukraine reports.

The Role of Snipers

The SSU Special Forces, together with the Defence Forces, held Bakhmut for a long time in order to gain time to regroup our troops and prevent the enemy from advancing deep into Ukraine.

"Our Defense Forces have done everything possible and impossible to hold the fortress of Bakhmut. Together with them, the SSU Special Operations Center "A" was actively working. As part of small tactical groups, our snipers covered the military in that direction," said Vasyl Maliuk, head of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The fighters performed counter-sniper, counter-sabotage work and fire adjustment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Bakhmut.

According to Vasyl Maliuk, most of the snipers of the SSU Center for Special Operations "A" are world champions in sniping. Due to their high qualifications, they perform the most difficult tasks during the war.

"These are the ones who sting with a needle right in the heart. This is a unique and filigree work. They get top scoundrels from really long distances. And they do it constantly, sustainably, effectively," the head of the SBU emphasizes.

Use of drones

FPV drones also played an important role in the battles in the Donetsk region. The SSU Special Forces were among the first to use them for combat work, preliminarily improving and adapting them to specific tasks. According to Maliuk, the decision to strengthen the SSU snipers with combat groups with FPV drones was made during his visit to Bakhmut.

"The Security Service of Ukraine is the leader in the number of destroyed armored vehicles with the help of attack drones. One of our groups completely destroyed 79 units of equipment in four combat missions. The drone, which costs between $450 and $<>,<>, burns a multimillion-dollar tank. This is very clear arithmetic that proves the effectiveness of drones," said the head of the SBU.

It should be noted that the film "Bakhmut. The Road of Life" was released on the anniversary of the death of the legendary snipers of the SSU Special Operations Center "A" Dmytro Kaplunov and Denys Volochaev, also dedicated to sniper Oleksandr Vdovychenko, and honors the memory of all fallen SBU officers and soldiers of the Defense Forces who gave their lives for the freedom, independence and prosperity of Ukraine.