December 1, 2023 — Friday. 646th day of the war in Ukraine.

What is tomorrow, December 1, a church holiday

December 1 in the church calendar is the day of remembrance of St. Nahum.He was one of the 12 minor prophets. Born in northern Israel, he preached extensively. According to church tradition, he lived approximately between 727 and 698 BC. King Hezekiah was the ruler at that time. At the same time, the kingdom of Israel was destroyed. St. Nahum in his book set forth a list of moral and political events that would affect Israel, predicting its fall. He died at the age of 45 and was buried in his hometown.

What not to do on December 1

Folk signs and traditions for December 1

Among our ancestors there were many interesting omens for this day:

On December 1, if you hear a dog barking somewhere in the distance, it will start snowing / Photo:

Our ancestors believed that on this day it is worth listening to all the advice, because it will be more appropriate than ever. The parents prayed to Saint Naum that the child would study well at school.

Name day: how to name a child born on December 1

What are tomorrow's name days: Dmitry, Naum, Porfiry, Filaret, Anastasia.

The talisman of an individual born on December 1st is turquoise. It has long been considered not only a beautiful stone, but also a powerful talisman. Our ancestors believed that turquoise helps to give its owner peace and faith in himself.

Born on this day:

Memorable dates: December 1

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world on December 1:

Weather on December 1

Tomorrow, December 1, it will be cloudy in Kyiv, in the morning it will rain with snow, which will weaken in the afternoon and turn into fine snow in the evening. The weather in Lviv is cloudy, in the morning there will be light snow, which will intensify throughout the day. It is cloudy in Kharkiv, it will rain all the time, which will intensify during the day and weaken in the evening. In Odesa it is cloudy, without precipitation.

The air temperature in Kyiv is +2 during the day and 0 at night. In Lviv — 0 during the day and -2 at night. In Kharkiv, it is +5 during the day and -2 at night. In Odesa — +12 during the day and +9 at night.

What a day tomorrow is in Ukraine and the world

December 1 World AIDS Day / Photo: Unsplash

On December 1, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Prosecutors. Official public professional holiday. It was introduced by the decree of President Leonid Kuchma on November 2, 2000. The date of the celebration was chosen in honor of the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On the Prosecutor's Office" (1991).

December 1 is also World AIDS Day. Everyone has heard that acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is a very serious and complex disease. AIDS is a late-stage infection caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). During it, a person's immunity becomes too weak to fight certain types of tumors and infections. Most people infected with HIV do not develop AIDS with timely and proper treatment.

And on December 1, Neurologist's Day is celebrated. Although this holiday is unofficial, it is widely known. Neurology as an independent discipline emerged in 1860, before that it was considered part of pediatrics and psychiatry. Neurologists are doctors who specialize in diseases related to the nervous system.

December 1 is Antarctica Day. It was on the first day of winter that the Antarctica Treaty was signed in Washington, which prevents militarization and preserves the sovereignty of the continent. Antarctica Day was created in 2010 to promote the peace agreement and help increase people's interest in the icy continent.

December 1 is also Bartender's Thanksgiving Day. The holiday originated in the United States and was associated with the Sailor Jerry brand of drinks, which tried to spread the idea of the celebration around the world. The main purpose of the day is to remind about the work of bartenders, their service and human skills.

And on December 1. A popular holiday in the United States, where the strength of women is honored on this day. The holiday was founded to remind women that they are not alone and have the support of other women from all over the world.