(CNN) -- Christmas commercials have become a staple of this season for many retail giants, from Disney to British department store John Lewis. Often, these commercials contain morals and miniature stories.

But Charlie's Bar, a small establishment in Northern Ireland, overshadowed everyone else's efforts this year, producing a heartwarming ad that went viral on social media, amid praise from users who praised its "beautiful message" and "emotional" story.

The video, posted Friday on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, shows an elderly man laying flowers at his wife's grave before walking through the streets of Enniskillen, while trying to greet strangers who are not paying attention to him.

So, he walks into a bar, where he sits alone until a friendly little dog approaches him, followed shortly after by the young pet owners, and they all enjoy a drink together.

The video, which lasts just over two minutes, ends with a quote often attributed to the poet W.B. Yeats: "There are no strangers here, only friends you don't know yet."


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"There's often a lot of loneliness at Christmas time... and that's why the story is about kindness," Aoife Teague, a content creator who shot and edited the commercial, told CNN.

"It was about spreading love and being aware that there are people who are lonely at Christmas, who don't consider it to be a magical time and who feel quite lonely... It's about the person and the dog representing the moment when a person takes the first step to talk to someone and the impact that can have on their day."

Charlie's Bar has served the residents of Enniskillen, a small town in Northern Ireland about 130 miles southwest of the capital, Belfast, since 1944 and has belonged to the same family during that time.

Their manager, Una Burns, worked closely with Teague to produce the commercial. Teague said Burns and a friend came up with the story after encountering several patrons who were lonely and flocking to the bar for companionship.

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Then, after they wrote the commercial's storyboard "basically on a piece of paper, not in the professional way," Teague filmed it over the course of three hours.

The four stars of the commercial are all local residents, Teague said, explaining that "the couple were friends of Una who happened to have a lovely dog" — Missy — and Martin McManus, who plays the old man, performs at the local community theater.

As of Thursday, the video had racked up 1.2 million views on TikTok alone since it was posted Friday night, as well as more than 147,000 likes on Facebook, a response Teague said he still "hasn't really sunk in."

And its impact extended beyond social media, he added, with people around the world, including some in Canada, the United States and Germany, sending messages "saying they identify with the video or that the video means a lot to them."

"There were also even strangers who called the bar and donated money for someone who might come to the bar alone this Christmas to buy them a drink or offer them a chat," he said.

"I think this video has really impacted people in the way we expected, but also in another way that we never imagined."