Ukrainian actress Antonina Khyzhniak admitted for the first time that she broke up with her boyfriend, actor Alexander Bodnar, after three and a half years of relationship.

For Antonina, such a confession was quite difficult, because she does not like to advertise her personal life. However, in order not to traumatize herself and her ex with future questions about marriage, the actress dared to tell the truth.

"I understand that I can't pretend that this period of life does not exist, it exists. It leaves a very heavy imprint, because we were really together for about three and a half years. Now is such a moment, a stage, that our relationship is over. To avoid questions, I decided to tell it like it is. I never like to advertise something. I promised him that I would not arrange dances on the bones," Khyzhniak shared with regret in an interview with Alina Dorotyuk.

Antonina Khyzhniak with her boyfriend / Photo:

The celebrity also told what exactly stood in the way of their happy future. Yes, Antonina does not accuse her ex of anything. According to her, they had a crisis in their relationship. And she added that they had a different pace of life with the ex-chosen one. By now, each of them has already realized their mistakes.

"I think the reason is me. That's it. I have no complaints about it. He is aware of his shoals, I am aware of mine. It just so happened, the time has come. It seems to me that this is a classic crisis period. I won't say anything more for him. I'll speak for myself. According to my feelings, we lived at different speeds," the star of the series "To Catch Kaidash" frankly said.

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The initiator of the divorce was Antonina herself. Interestingly, her ex still texts her from time to time. However, she does not want to "give bridges of hope." In addition, Khyzhniak noted that she is not yet ready for a new serious relationship.

Recall that the love between Antonina Khyzhniak and Alexander Bodnar originated on the set back in 2020. A few months after the start of the relationship, they were already living with the actress's son from a former marriage. By the way, the guy gladly accepted his stepfather. Moreover, last year the lovers were already thinking about the wedding.