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on November 30

"Have Bulgarian officials thought that the thousands of NATO officials who are on our mirror stop lists could be subject to similar retaliatory measures? And did they think that they were generally setting a dangerous world precedent? I think not. Who gives the illiterate officials in Sofia the right to disgrace the Bulgarian people? (. . .) By the way, we are already in Skopje," Zakharova wrote.

Zakharova on Lavrov's flight: Dangerous stupidity of some schemer in the power structures of Bulgaria


Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on Russian women to have eight or more children and make large families the "norm" amid rising casualties in the war against Ukraine.

Russia's birth rate has been steadily declining since the 90s. At the same time, the country has reported more than 300,000 casualties since the invasion of Ukraine began, according to Kiev data.

Putin urges Russian women to have eight or more children


"Mhmm, that's exactly what it looks like. 300,000 already liquidated – cannon fodder in Ukraine. And who knows how many times he planned to send. The old maxim of every Kremlin satrap – we may be military incompetents, but we do not care about our people, we will send them to die, and there are many of them, we will drown you in cannon fodder until you run out of bullets and missiles. Kill 300,000, we'll send you 500,000. Are you going to kill them too? We'll send you a million. There are many here and their lives are not worth five kopecks. It is important that the propaganda of greatness goes."

Masha picks on the "illiterate officials in Sofia" while her boss urges Russian women to give birth to him more disposable soldiers


Todor Tagarev: We envisage the purchase of combat drones, 35 years our army has not been modernized


"It is the responsibility of all 61 municipal councilors to elect a chairman. If they do not, they obviously want not to take out the dirty laundry of the previous government and to start solving the city's problems, "added Bonev.

The municipal councilor from the group of PP-DB, Save Sofia, revealed that they received a very worrying signal for active sabotage in the cleaning of Sofia. "19 companies have a contract to maintain the green system of Sofia and each of them works under different rules. This is only part of the reason for the chaos of Sofia. The information is a lot. 17 million Leva have already been given to these companies. The only fine imposed was only one for 15,000 leva. You have seen that a fine of BGN 150,000 has already been imposed, "Bonev explained and showed the distribution of companies in the city.

Boris Bonev with heavy accusations because of the legacy of GERB in the Sofia Municipal Council: The chaos with the cleaning is the result of sabotage


From tomorrow - December 1, the Sofia ordinance comes into force, according to which the most polluting cars in the center of Sofia are prohibited. Those with Euro 1 and Euro 2 standards.

Road signs have already been placed to indicate the extent of the zone, Bulphoto reports.

A total ban on such cars entering will apply to the so-called. "Small ring" - the box between the boulevards "Vasil Levski", "Patriarch Evtimiy", "Skobelev", "Opalchenska" and "Slivnitsa".

The signs banning old cars in the center of Sofia were installed


The fines that will be imposed on drivers for non-compliance with the law will be from BGN 50 to BGN 100.

Why are the downtown of Sofia closed to old cars?


The girl, who was accused of murdering her 81-year-old grandmother with particular cruelty and in a painful way, was violent and harassing prison staff. She spent nearly seven months there, after which she was moved to the Sliven region. The time of "G. M. Dimitrov" turned out to be a nightmare not only for the management, but also for the other detainees, because Ivet has violated the rules of conduct several times.

Ivet Staykova riots in custody: Lights a cell with her underwear, hits a guard, beats prisoners


Hamas claims responsibility for Jerusalem attack


"A pregnant Jewish woman is among the victims of today's attack in Jerusalem," Israeli news media reported.

"Police in the Jewish state have authorized the publication of the identities of the dead. One of the victims was teacher Libya Dickman (24 years old). She was expecting her first child (doctors could not save the fetus)," the newspaper added.

Pregnant Jewish woman among victims of Hamas attack in Jerusalem


"Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir has accused the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas of violating the agreed ceasefire," Mignews reported.

"With one hand, Hamas signs the ceasefire agreement and sends terrorists to kill Jews in Jerusalem with the other," Netanyahu said in a statement.

Israeli minister: Hamas broke the deal. We need to resume hostilities.


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