The head of one of the Russian political parties, 70-year-old Sergei Mironov, and his wife Inna Varlamova "adopted" a child taken out of Ukraine. At the same time, the Russians changed the name and surname of the abducted Ukrainian girl.

This was reported by Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets with reference to information from Russian propagandists.

According to him, it is known from open sources that 10-month-old Margarita Prokopenko was in an orphanage in Kherson during the occupation of the city by the Russian army. From there, she was taken to Russia, allegedly for "examinations and rehabilitation." Over time, the girl's name and surname were changed — she became "Marina Mironova".

Dmytro Lubinets said that together with the girl, the occupiers took away a two-year-old boy, Ilya Vashchenko, whose fate is currently unknown.

"As the Ombudsman of Ukraine, I was approached by the guardian of Margarita's sister. The woman asked for assistance in establishing Margarita's whereabouts and taking custody of her. I would like to note that Margarita has a six-year-old sister and a three-year-old brother. The six-year-old sister lives with a guardian, but the fate of Margarita's brother is unknown. He, like the girl, was in Kherson. That is, the sister and brother were separated by the Russians," the statement reads.

Dmytro Lubinets reminded that the adoption of Ukrainian children in the Russian Federation is illegal.

"According to international and national norms, in order for foreigners to adopt a Ukrainian child, it is necessary to notify Ukraine and obtain consent for adoption. However, Russia is trying to circumvent this by forcibly granting Russian citizenship to Ukrainian children. Which is also a crime! Let me remind you: the forced transfer of children from one ethnic group to another is genocide!" he wrote.

The Ombudsman said that regarding the "adoption" of Margarita Prokopenko, there will be an appeal to international organizations to condemn the forced removal and adoption of a Ukrainian child and recognize it as a crime of genocide. Dmytro Lubinets will also once again emphasize to Western partners the need to facilitate the return home of Ukrainian children.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andiy Kostin announced the investigation of the forced deportation of more than 19,000 Ukrainian children.