One of the Bulgarians who communicated most with Henry Kissinger was President (1997-2022) Petar Stoyanov. We contacted him by phone - he was at the airport, on his way to an international conference in Guangzhou, China, dedicated to today's global challenges.

"Henry Kissinger lived a long time, was a contemporary of the Cold War, made a significant contribution to the new U.S. deal with China, saw the fall of the Berlin Wall, the building of new democracies in Eastern Europe, and even Russia's aggression against Ukraine. - said Petar Stoyanov, quoted by "24 hours".

"All this time he played an active role in both American and world diplomacy and politics. He has also written great books that will be read for another hundred years to come. In all my meetings with him, I was impressed not only by his deep erudition and intellect, but by his unconventional and sometimes paradoxical way of thinking. In our first meetings, respected by his presence, I hardly took the floor - what a clever thing you can say in the presence of Henry Kissinger, "recalls Stoyanov.

Henry Kissinger has died.

"Later, during every visit to New York, I did not miss the opportunity to see it, in recent years it was much more talkative, and I used every such opportunity," the President of Bulgaria admitted in the period 1997-2022.

"With his death is gone an entire era. I am sure that his many admirers and his enemies will remember him with respect. We will miss his personality and his brilliant analyses, "said Petar Stoyanov.

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