In Poland, experts believe that the blockade of the border with Ukraine has not only an economic component, but also affects Ukraine's defense capability. In the neighboring country, it is noted that the blockade participants regularly check that they are transporting trucks, and therefore know that they are going to Ukraine. For Russia, such information can be invaluable.

This was reported by the Polish edition of Onet.

Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Maciej Korowaj, an expert who has been analyzing the Russian army for years, says he does not believe in coincidences, but it is still difficult to find direct evidence that the Russian Federation may be behind the blockade.

"It should be noted that these actions are primarily related to what is happening in Israel, that is, to the redirection of part of the capacities of Western countries, especially the United States, to the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian war. In addition to this, we also have, among other things, internal Ukrainian frictions, a change in our foreign policy, but also in our domestic policy. It's all attached," the Polish military said.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Korovai, Russian intelligence is "mosaic". This means that it can construct something from different elements. To do this, she does not have to resort to direct action.

"It is enough to have appropriate propaganda activities, suggestion, various techno-psychological techniques that can, for example, be used online and used to influence decision-makers. All this needs to be investigated," he said.

The expert also criticized the reaction of the Polish authorities, noting that in this situation the special services should work better and analyze the influence of Russia.

"Can all this be linked to Russia's actions? I believe that with a high degree of probability that it is," he adds.

Recall that on November 6, a strike of Polish carriers began at the border. It was about three checkpoints, to which a fourth was added. The protesters actually demand the abolition of the transport visa-free regime. also analyzed why Poland risks crossing the point of no return in relations with Ukraine due to the blocked border.