On the evening of November 30, a large-scale fire broke out in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don at the Temernik clothing market.

Videos from the scene are published by Russian Telegram channels.

It is reported that the fire engulfed the trade pavilions on an area of almost 2000 square meters. More than a hundred firefighters cannot extinguish the flames. A large number of fire trucks came to the market.

The Russian Guard is going to be called to the scene of the fire, as the merchants interfere with extinguishing the fire, trying to save their goods engulfed in flames with their bare hands.

It is assumed that the cause of the fire could be arson.

Explosions are heard at the scene, possibly from the burning of festive pyrotechnics or electrical wiring.

The fire was assigned the third level of difficulty.

Recall that on Sunday, November 26, after a powerful explosion at a tractor plant in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, a large-scale fire broke out. A giant fiery "mushroom" grew over the territory of the enterprise.