A 70-year-old woman has given birth to twins after IVF treatment, a hospital in Uganda said. Safina Namuquaya gave life to a boy and a girl at a reproductive medicine center in the capital Kampala.

The woman, one of the oldest to have given birth, told local media it was a "miracle". The hospital congratulated her, saying it was more than "medical success, but a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit."

Safina gave birth to the babies on Wednesday shortly after noon. She told the Ugandan newspaper Daily Monitor that her pregnancy was difficult because her partner abandoned her when he found out she would have twins.

A woman with a double uterus is pregnant with twins

"Men don't like to be told you're carrying more than one child. Since I was accepted here, my partner has not appeared," Safina said.

It was Namuquaya's second birth in three years. In 2020, she gave birth to a little girl.

Safina wanted to have children after she was declared cursed because she was childless.

"I took care of people's children and saw them grow up and leave me alone. I wondered who would take care of me when I got older," the woman explained.

It is unclear whether she used a donor egg or her own, which was frozen and stored when she was younger. Typically, women go through menopause between the ages of 45 and 55. At this time, their fertility decreases, but advances in medicine have made it possible to have children.

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70-year-old woman