A total of 171 pedestrians and 66 car drivers have been fined in the capital for improper crossing or taking advantage of pedestrians in the period from 13 to 30 November, Ivo Bikov, an inspector at the Traffic Police Department at the Sofia Metropolitan Directorate of Interior, said at a briefing.

He recommended that pedestrians cross at places designated by law - pedestrian crossings, overpasses, underpasses, and not to jump on the roadway suddenly.

Details of the "Winter" action were revealed, the Ministry of Interior declared zero tolerance for violators

It's winter, the asphalt is icy, snowy, wet and this extends the braking distance of the cars, the inspector explained. If drivers do not take good account of speed, under these conditions it can lead to quite serious road accidents, Bykov explained.

Let them adjust their speed so that they can stop if necessary at any time, without creating danger to pedestrians and other vulnerable road users, he added.

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