Russian prisoner of war Vladislav Zaitsev, who was recruited into the army of the aggressor state in a penal colony where he was serving a drug sentence, spoke about the brutal abuse of soldiers by his commanders.

A video with the confession of the occupier, who voluntarily surrendered, was published on the Freedom YouTube channel.

A 21-year-old contract soldier of the Russian army from the city of Stavropol admitted that he joined the army in order not to remain in prison and to start life from scratch, but after the end of the contract. Although very soon he realized that it was no better in the Russian army than "in the zone".

Even in the "training" he saw how the soldier who escaped was literally dismembered. And in the combat zone, for each "flight", the commanders brutally mocked his colleagues.

"You can't do the Internet or make calls there - they cut off your fingers, or even worse..." - he recalled.

According to him, the main argument of his commanders was brute force. They demonstratively mutilated their subordinates so that others "could be taught a lesson."

When Vladyslav realized that he could fall under the distribution of his commanders, he decided to surrender to the Defense Forces of Ukraine and voluntarily went to the positions of Ukrainian soldiers. Now he does not want to return to Russia.

"In recent days, there have been rumors about negotiations that the war would end - I really hoped for that... When I surrendered, I was surprised: I was given water and food. Yes, even though I was connected [with the occupation army], but they didn't touch me with a finger," he said.

Earlier, a Russian prisoner of war, who fought against Ukraine as part of the "tik-tok troops" of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, told how he was captured and did not even have his own uniform at the front.

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