Major of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Maksym Morozov, call sign "Lyuty", who takes part in the battles for Avdiivka, told new information about the situation in the city.

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According to him, the situation on the southern flank of Avdiivka is difficult, but under control. We are talking about the settlements of Pervomaiske, Severne.

Avdiivka on the map / Photo: Deepstatemap

"Despite the Russians' attempts to advance, they are all unsuccessful," Lyutyi assured.

From the north, the Russians are trying to enter the Coke plant. The occupiers carry out constant assault operations, air strikes, and KABs.

"Further north are the villages of Stepove and Keramik. There are also constant battles there – the enemy is expanding the gray zones and trying to take them under its control," Morozov says.

Avdiivka on the map / Photo:

The situation at the "promka"

Maksym calls the situation in the Adviyivka industrial zone "simply critical."

"There are constant battles at the promka. The industrial zone itself simply turns into piles of construction waste. It is critical there now for the reason that there is simply nowhere to hold the defense," the military explained.

What will happen in the event of a possible retreat from the "promka"

"It will be very critical. But this will not change the overall actions of the Defense Forces. After the industrial zone comes the so-called "old woman" in Avdiivka – the old part of the city, where there are private buildings. Of course, it will be very difficult for both us and the enemy to gain a foothold there," Lyutyi reflects.

He suggested that this part of the city would most likely be a gray zone, and the Ukrainian defensive lines would run further.

"But while the battles for the industrial zone are underway, let's first fight for it, and when it turns into solid construction waste, we will consider other scenarios.

Basically, it was possible to hold the line there in the summer. In winter, when there is not even a place to warm up, perhaps someone will decide to leave. But so far it is not there, so the struggle continues precisely for the "industry," Morozov summed up.

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